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Combahee  TravelS

The Combahee River is a blackwater river in the southern Lowcountry region of South Carolina. She is Osun herself, she holds the prayers of African soul, cleansed and restored many, and brought many African folks to the shores of freedom.  An action at the Combahee River planned and led by Harriet Tubman on June 2, 1863, in the Port Royal region of South Carolina, freed more than 750 slaves. This is the only military campaign in American history planned and led by a woman. 

We offer interventions to return back to our indigenous roots, that include a strong element of self-determined agency, as we all have the ability to heal ourselves and each other". Through Combahee Travels we can travel to the lands of our ancestors, explore the land of the seas our ancestors traveled through, and the lands African people have have planted roots. Folks will engage in learning ritual of the people, receive nourishment from traditional dishes, Afrocentric culture & art experiences, and explore the essence of the African diaspora. All travels give folks the option of receiving an itinerary that will take you on a journey of healing, restoring the mind, body, spirit. All travels will connect folks with the ancestral lands of the location, giving us the power to release ancestral trauma and gain ancestor strength & wisdom.

Travels range from:

  • Individual rite of passage travel support 

  • Self organized family/group itinerary support 

  • Individual / Couple travel and itinerary support

  • Wellness Retreats 

  • Herbal and Reiki Energy Healing Trainings

  • Farming centered group travel


Travel Retreats Coming Soon